Linnemann Schnetzer is a name that has stood for competence in the manufacture of air pressure vessels for more than 100 years. We are the European market-leader for steel and aluminium air pressure vessels for use in the braking systems of commercial vehicles.

Our air pressure vessel products cover a range of capacities from 0.07 to 120 l.

  • 1909 Founding of Linnemann-Schulte & Co. GmbH in Ahlen
  • 1948 Name changed to Linnemann-Schnetzer KG
  • 1950 First steel compressed air tanks manufactured in Ahlen
  • 1960 Start of serial production, introduction of custom product solutions
  • 1992 Founding of the Linnemann Schnetzer Group, with four European production facilities
  • 2004 Linnemann Schnetzer Group acquired by Frauenthal Holding AG from Austria
  • 2012 Linnemann Schnetzer and Frauenthal Automotive united as one brand
  • 2021 Name changed to Frauenthal Airtank Elterlein GmbH

Our compact, custom air pressure vessels are finished inside and outside with the very best anti-corrosion coating. They comply with the relevant legislation, guarantee the very highest level of quality and are certified by several bodies. Our very modern production plant puts us in the position of being able to respond fast, flexibly and reliably, and hence achieve maximum satisfaction among our customers.

You can count on the following with Frauenthal Airtank:

  • High product quality
  • Skilled help and advice
  • Cost-conscious prices
  • Short delivery times