Steel 903643 Ø 246/25 l/15,5 bar e.g. Mercedes A003432930; A0074320301

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Length: 606,5 mm

Weight: 8,8 kg

Threaded bosses:

4 x threads to ISO 4039-2 (M22 x 1.5 mm)

External coating:

Powder coating in colour RAL 9005, can be painted over

Thickness of primer coat at least 60 µm, 1,000 h achieved in salt spray test

Inner coating:

Powder coating

Lifetime designed up to 15 years

240 h achieved in salt spray test

Rating plate:

self-adhesive label covered by a protective foil, can be easily removed if air pressure vessel is painted later

Suitable e.g.:

  • Mercedes A0034329301; A0074320301

Manufacturer: Frauenthal Airtank

Article: 112503; 210094; 903643

Operating manual:

Please consider that Air Tanks must be used according to latest operating manual. For Download:

Additional product information

working pressure
15,5 bar
25 Liter
246 mm
without Bracket
DIN EN286-2
Standard external finish